Controlling Odor Of The Litter Box

Litter boxes, if neglected can be very smelly and is also uncomfortable of the cat and they may stop using it after a while. They may also leave your house smelling like a dumpster and may bring bugs. This are several ways that you can use to control the smell.

Constant cleaning.

This is the most effective way of controlling the smell and is 100% efficient. Keeping your litter box clean keeps away the pungent smell and prevents your cat from contracting infections.

You should scoop out the solid and liquid litter from your box at least once or twice per day if clumping litter is used. For non-clumping litter, you should use a solid spoon to get the wet parts of the litter out. After scooping, ensure that you replace the litter to its original level as cats prefer litter which is about 2inches deep. You should also clean the scooper afterwards.

The litter box should be cleaned at least twice a week or month depending on the type of litter you use. It should be washed with warm water and mild detergent. Extra caution should be exercised when buying detergent for this purpose, as some are not animal friendly. If you don’t like doing this you can also get an automatic cat litter box.

You can also check out our best cat litter box page where we list 4 automatic litter boxes that work well.

Replacing the litter.

The used litter should be replaced with fresh litter to control odor. Clumping litter should be replaced every two or three weeks while non-clumping litter should be replaced at least two times a week. You should replace it sooner if it starts generating a bad smell or if the box is shared by many cats.

Place the litter box in ventilated areas.

Most people place the litter box in closed, dark areas not knowing that this causes the smell to accumulate. This becomes unpleasant for the cat and may force it to refrain from using the box. It should be put in a well-ventilated area where there is sufficient flow of fresh air to disperse the odor.

Use of litter deodorizers.

Litter deodorizers go a very long way in ensuring a fresh litter and a fresher house. It should be sprinkled on the litter each time you replace it. Ensure the deodorizer is acceptable by the cat as most cats refuse to use the litter box once they detect them, or maybe buy one that is not scented. It absorbs the bad smell from the cat’s excretions. Baking soda is also a good alternative.

Replacing the litter box.

Cats are very playful creatures and over time they may leave claw marks all over the box. With time, this marks become small grooves which are very difficult to clean and they hold on to the bad smell. Ensure you replace your litter box at least every year to prevent a smelly box.

The same way you wouldn’t want to live in a smelly house is the same way cats refrain from using dirty litter boxes. Keep your litter box clean to prevent bad smells in your house and for health reasons.


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