Factors To Consider When Ordering Litter And A Litter Box

When ordering litter and a litter box, extra caution should be heeded. Cats are very sensitive creatures and not every litter and litter box will be suitable for them. Cats react differently to litter and litter boxes and thus you should only choose the one most suitable for your cat.

Factors to consider when ordering a litterbox.

There are different types of litter boxes: open, covered and self-cleaning. You may be tempted to buy the one you feel suits you best, but you should consider the following factors;

  • The cat’s preference- this is the most important factor. No matter how much you want to buy a better one, if your cat doesn’t like it, he won’t use it. Cats are very rigid to change and they refer routine. It’s best that you buy the sane king of litter box that was used before. Some may also value privacy, hence prefer the covered litter box.
  • Number of cats you own- cats are very fussy and territorial about their litter boxes and absolutely hate sharing. If you own more than one cat you should buy more litter boxes or else the cats may refuse to urinate and defecate in the same box.
  • Size- the box should be large and cozy for the cat so you should buy one depending on the size of the cat. A small litter box forces the feline to step on its excretions and this may cause it to look for another place in the house to excrete.

All in all, the litter box chosen should be the one that’s perfect for your cat.

Factors to consider when ordering litter.

You do not just order litter for your litter box. As I said before, cats are very choosy so you should consider the following when ordering litter;

  • Safety of the cat- when ordering litter, ensure the litter is safe for your cat. Litter that is safe for kittens is made of coarse and large ingredients , however, litter that clumps can be ingested by kittens and those produce a lot of dust could cause respiratory problems.
  • Type of litter- litter that can be scooped makes cleaning easy and can be easily replaced. It is also more liked by cat and reduces odor. The non-clumping litter is cheaper and removes odor, but gets saturated with urine. Silica gel liter is highly absorbent but requires you change the whole litter while biodegradable litter is a better alternative for cats have respiratory problems.
  • Ease of cleaning- litter chosen should be easy to clean but at the same time well-liked by the cat.

You should ensure you know very well the type of litter you cat prefers, to prevent it from looking for other places to defecate and urinate.

When ordering litter and a litter box, put in mind that they are for the cat and not for you. Order them with the cat’s likes and preferences in mind. This will save you the trouble of cleaning excretions all over the house.


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