Preventing Your House From Smelling Of The Litter Box.


You have just gotten very cute adorable cats, but you are worried they will stink up your house. You remember that one time you went to visit a family member who practically lives with cats, but the odor was too terrible that you gagged the whole time.

Don’t worry, here is how to keep your house free of the litterbox smell:

You Need  A Good Cat Litter Box

The main cause of the litter box smell in your house is the litter box itself but there are other factors to consider, like whether the cat is trained or not and the position of the litter box.

A dirty and neglected litter box will stink up your house, untrained cats will shed, defecate and urinate everywhere, leading to that terrible smell. If the litter box is in a poorly ventilated area, the stench will have nowhere to escape from.

You can also check out our list of best automatic cat litter boxes that can help you clean the mess up easily.

Ways of preventing the smell.

Cleaning the litterbox daily is a must do if you want your house to be free of that smell. At first it might seem like a tedious job but with time it will seem more of a simple task than a chore. Daily cleaning is most recommended for efficient results. It is also important as a dirty litter box could lead to your cat contracting infections, and may even bring bugs to your house.

In the event you have many cats, ensure that they each have their own litter box. Cats are very territorial creatures and the idea of sharing does not appeal to them one bit. This leads to them sprawling all over the furniture and excreting on them. Urine and feces on furniture will get your house reeking in no time.

Ensure the box has enough litter covering the bottom part of the container. Wheat litter is more recommended than clay litter as it safely and naturally regulates odor, and it should be replaced with a fresh one every week and the box washed. After the box is clean, mix the litter with baking soda as it absorbs the smell perfectly.

The litter box should be put in a well-ventilated area and not cupboards or closets, as failure to this will lead to the smell building up, and may even cause the cat to look for a new place to relieve itself. Automatic air fresheners could also be placed near the litter box, but you should first consider the safety of the feline. Keeping plastic bags near the litter box is another tip that assists in easy cleaning of the litter area.

Now you don’t have to worry that your house will stink of cat litter anymore. This simple methods of preventing odor in your house will also ensure maximum hygiene for the cat. You could also air your house by opening the windows during the day or using air fresheners that are feline friendly. Now nothing should stop you from living the felines you love so much. It is not be said often, but cats add a homey touch to our houses and we could all use one for the company. Let odor not be the reason you haven’t got one yet.


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