Everything about using Cat Litter Box at your home.

This was taken from our main guide about finding litter box and using the automatic cat litter boxes.

Changing Them

We the cat proud, “Owners,” need and should think about upscaling or changing every now and then our precious cat’s litter box. Change is healthy and certainly good for us and them!

Think of it from a cat’s point of view, “A Cat Renovation Potty.”

Contemplate a shopping excursion to all the pet stores we can find within our area or even going out of our way because our cat is worth every moment that we spend doing this.

Each day we receive their unconditional and more of their never tired of giving love.

So taking time out to explore our options and even shopping on the internet can also be fun, exciting, educating and yes thrill our cat into realizing that we truly believe in providing them with better and more creative ideas for their potty time!

Bringing along our young children on this cat quest would be an incredible and awesome journey of it’s own.

Teaching a young child about the needs of their cat or cats is cat cool as their cat would think, “This is where it’s cat at!”

Babies And Boxes

Then there is the baby issue, somewhat delicate, that needs to be addressed once the baby arrives.

Never leave them unattended near an open and easily accessible litter box.

They might get the impression it is the cat’s sandbox in which they can partake in by indulging themselves in during their play time.

My personal suggestion is to store it out of the way, purchase with lids and watch your child closely. You can make this the special time to teach and introduce to them their cat’s care explaining your pet’s bathroom time and requirements.

An important fact to remember about the box even before you have children and consider having children or are pregnant. It is better to have someone else change the litter  or to wear rubber gloves. Felines can carry parasites. Toxoplasmosis can be passed on to the unborn child. Caution is best for health concerns.

Avoiding The New Box?

When I first introduced a covered box to my cat after a new move he appeared uncomfortable. He was breathing differently and I sensed he felt restricted and slightly smothered.

Although he had been stressed by the change in our new living situation too, I reached the decision that the top of his new letter box would suffice and removed the front plastic door.

He could now relax and be able to explore his new potty place with all the contentment in the world!

After all he had been used to a regular uncovered box for so many years.

Observing your cat’s behavioral changes is helpful and an important factor to keep in mind at all times.

Cat litter

With the boxes comes the choices of litter that comes in many kinds. I personally recommended the dust free because it has given me the best results with my cats.

I noticed that my cat sneezed and coughed when the litter contained too much dust.

I then changed to the complete dust free. At once his condition improved.

Listen, watch and be attentive to your cat’s needs. I find it beneficial in finding the best solutions.

There is also the crystal litter. I decided to try it one day because I had a female princess like kitty that I thought would prefer this soft, white, shiny, snow like type of litter. I was soon in for a slight surprise. She stared at it and then reluctantly went in reacting as if there was no other choice.

Maybe one try, she thought, would be alright.

I imagine she might have thought it could be likable, acceptable and cat comfortable.

No, I could tell that she was not convinced whatsoever. It also resembled yellow snow which I could not get used to. I changed it but I am sure that it can be soothing for some cats and I would advise for this type of litter starting a cat on it at an earlier age, introducing it slowly.

You do learn from your cats what they want especially when it comes to their potty needs.

When Trying Any New Product With Your Cat, Pay Close Attention To Them Using It For A Few Days. There Behavior Can Explain Everything.

Maintaining Them

Always clean the litter at least once a day especially more if there are two cats.

I strongly suggest two  for three cats or more. This will eliminate the aggravation or stress which cats can experience. Cat anxiety can occur if a cat is put into an unpleasant situation. Make their potty time a good experience, they deserve the best.

If your budget is tight a regular litter box is fine if it is not too small. Cleanliness combined with an ample supply of love will mean happy cats.

The Opened Topped Liter boxes come in many colors and sizes. Small, Medium and Large. Clean your box often and sweep the access litter. You can purchase a cat mat like blackhole cat litter mat or two meows cat litter mat.

It doesn’t have to be cat complicated at all.

Quality care and an endless abundance of love, love and more love all entwined like a ball of wool cat equals complete satisfaction to achieve purrfection and the ultimate successful goal for a healthy  experience.

Common Reasons To Stop It

I have had many breeds including Siamese. The only issue that I ever encountered was as my cat aged it became more and more difficult and uncomfortable to climb into a higher litter box. My personal suggestion would be a flatter base model.

That is one of the reasons that a cat may stop going to it. A sudden move, or drastic, unexpected change or illness can also have this effect.

If your cat starts eating cat litter refer to this post about cat eating litter is could be an underlying cause that can cause health problems for your cat.

Always check with your veterinarian if you have tried and exhausted all options, yourself, and your cat by trying to figure out why they are not using it.

Cater to your cat with extra attention and guide them to the litter box to help if this is necessary.

Even helping to place them closer coaxing them in I would do if an occurrence in their life upset their bathroom time.

Travelling With Your Buddy

When traveling with your cat, There are available pet diaper liners for unexpected emergencies. They can be laid down wherever it is necessary for uncontrollable accidents. these I highly suggest to have on hand.
Bringing a disposable one is needed in this case. Place some diapers in their pet carrier. Take traveling breaks by car, comfort them and bring out the disposable box and wait with patience. If you want your cat to be a part of your family vacation without leaving them behind, you can do this! I did with some practice starting with small trips first.

Multiple Kittys

Can cats adjust to another feline’s box? Without a doubt. They have that instinct that they learned from their mother. It remains there with each new situation. They follow each other and copy cat!

I cat sat for three weeks and could sense my cat’s comments: This is about, “Sharing or Borrowing.” Even though, he appeared not too thrilled with his cat companion sharing my affection and his bed space.

It was not a severe or even a slight issue. Sometimes he liked to go right after his new visitor and beat him to it!

They each had their own individual private place but I would surmise that the cat exploration process was very much fun!

As long as he didn’t try to hold him from it I watched from a distance not interrupting them ever!

One rule can be used, when I am in the same room as my cat and he is in his litter box I know he is telling me Privacy Time, Please, Mummy and either I look away or leave the room, from time to time!

My cat is my pleasure that captivates me each day and as most cat owners would feel I am sure and say, spoil them, love them and appreciate their individual personalities and skills.

Whenever we adopt them they come already toilet trained so keep their time and experience as pleasant as possible.

Make the decisions based upon your love and caring for them. They are a part of your family and other issues that might arise, be prompt in finding a solution.