When cat does not use cat litter box?

A lot of times many cats are put into shelters or abused because they are not properly trained to urinate or defecate in a cat litter box. What many cat owners don’t realize is that this is a problem caused by the owners themselves and not cats. Sometimes this can also be a sign of health issue. We also compiled a list of best cat litter box available in the market which can be good for your house and your cat.


If your cat is not using the litter box, first check if the litter box is clean or not. Even if it seems clean according to you, clean it thoroughly with fresh water and dry it out to remove any stains or smell. Remember your cat can smell 8 times more than you. So maybe there is an odor which you can’t smell but your cat can surely smell it.

Urinating or defecating outside the box is your cat’s way of saying something is wrong with the box.

If not corrected with the right mindset a lot of cat owners start giving up there cats to shelters or get angry them. At this point of time you should remember how difficult it will be for you to go to a dirty bathroom? The same applies to the felines.

If you flush everytime you go to washroom why do you punish your cats if they refuse to use a dirty washroom. Owners usually forget about the power in which a cat can smell. It is 8 times more than what you can smell. So if the litter box is dirty they will know before you are even able to smell it. That’s how powerful their smelling power is.


Keeping the litter box clean is the best and only solution that you need. If you have been cat owner for a while and know when your cat goes to defecate you can clean it right after they are done doing there business. A clean cat litter box is welcoming and invites it felines pals to come use it and be part of it.

Maybe cleaning it thoroughly everyday is not viable for you, then you can think about investing in automatic cat litter box as it automatically keeps the litter box clean and in today world they are very easy to setup too. Infact some are completely automatic toilet just like human toilet which even flush and dry the toilet box.

If investing in an automatic toilet not an option for you right now you can also get good clumping cat litter which clumps feces for easy disposal and keeps the litter box feeling and smelling fresh.

These are some of the options for understanding why your cat won’t use a perfectly good cat litter box.