Here are the Best Clumping Cat Litter that you can buy!

The wide variety available online and in the market can be very intimidating and selecting a good cat litter for your household become a very difficult and confusing task if you are not sure what to buy. To help you select good litter for cat we have created this list 3 top clumping cat litter that you can buy. To find more litter check out our cat litter reviews page.

Here is a quick table with all the top 3 clumping litter


Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter


The precious ultra clumping cat litter by precious cats is one of the products they sell through there range. The idea for precious cat was to create a premium litter that did not spread dust, was not harsh on the nose of kitty and but also covered the smell of cat poop. They achieve this very well by there special formula and put it into precious cat ultra premium clumping cat litter.


It is designed to be dust free, so the type of dust cloud that you would get with other cat litter that wont’t happen with precious ultra litter. They promise 99.9% dust free in there advertising or sales pitch as you can say and they live up to it. They truly don’t leave any kind of dust clouds or dust lying around the house.

Specially when pouring we received no dust cloud at all and that was very good since dirt really irritates me. I spoke about it here in precious cats litter review.

It controls the odor very well and makes sure to not irritate the cat by its smell. You should always keep in mind that a cat can smell nine times more than you, so if you buy any litter that you think doesn’t smell always lookout for how your cat is using the litter box and then determine whether its a good choice or not.

A cat that can smell too much of litter will not be comfortable using it and will avoid it all the time. In that cases you should go and change it.

With precious we did not face such issue and it worked very well with out cat who seemed to enjoy the litter.

With scent it uses herbal scent that tends to attract new kittys or cats and which is why I think my cat loved using it.

They are extremely small pellets, and clump very well. Clumping when done right works in favor by saving up on a lot of cat litter which otherwise gets wasted.

 Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter


This litter genuinely surprised us with its absorption powers. It is sold by Arm and hammer who sell wide variety of cat litter all over the internet. This clumping cat litter was designed specially to eliminate odor of smell and feces but we thought that it did a better job of clumping rather than eliminating the smell.

To keep in mind it eliminates the odor very well, but the chemical that they use in it also is very strong which I am not sure how well will work with cats but when we tested it for its clumping duties it worked well. The double duty cat litter is designed specially with moisture absorbing crystals that help absorb the feces and thus is the reason why we think it is the best clumping cat litter.

Only if they can solve the smell problem from there product it will be the best. If your cat is one of the cats who does not care about the smell but also want fresh cat litter every time kitty uses it. This cat litter can be a great option as its strong smell and odor control formula works great in keeping everything feeling fresh and new.

Worlds Best Cat Litter


Don’t be confused by that heading, we are not claiming it that is the name of the product “World’s best clumping cat litter”. We are not sure whether it is but for sure it in one of the top clumping cat litters that are available. Sold by worlds best cat litter, it is one of the top rated clumping kitty litters available on amazon.

It’s specialty of adding gentle fragrance using natural wood fibers and absorption capabilities of whole-corn kernel which helps tremendously in odor control and cleanup. Along with being easy scoopable they are also flushable. All the corn made products from worlds best cat litter can also be flushed without any issues.

It is made of 100% natural wood fibers and comes in different scented bags for an odor free and clean home. It is a perfect combination for anyone who wants a good clumping litter and loves the smell of forest or pine scent.

Some of the benefits of using it include that it is dust free, a lot of times we have had to wear masks to avoid the dust coming out of other cat litter.. not with this. It was almost dust free and kept the environment clean and feeling fresh.

It also is among the best absorbents in the whole clumping cat litter scene. It clumps very hard and holds strong so there is no spillage or unnecessary feces left in the litter box. Since you are here reading a post about Best clumping cat litter, this is a very important part of the information. It clumps well and hard to give you the perfect and easy scoop for a clean home.

The only downside to this product is the price, it costs a little bit more compared to what price other clumping cat litters are sold at.

If you have the money to spend, it is a worth it product to get for your cat. If it is on the higher side then you can go some other cheaper options.

If you are worried about whether or not your cats will like the scent of the litter then rest assure from our experience and from reading other reviews by users, cats have loved the product and are not irritated by the scent.