Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box Review

Are you tired of cleaning the litter box? The smell? All the clumps? Well then the Cat Genie is the perfect solution for you. It claims that you will never have to touch the cat litter again. Read our review below to find out how true that is.

Cat Genie Reviews

Everything About Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

The catgenie is a cat litter box, which is designed that it works like a good cat litter box and then flushes away like a regular toilet. It is self cleaning and self maintaining.

They claim that they are able to do this is by using permanent washable granules, Which are also dirt, germ and odor free. They also never need changing.

It works when the cat uses it, the urine passes through the washable granules to the holding area below , if its poop the holder pulls out the clumps where it gets pushed into reservoir, the poop then gets liquified and flushed out of the toilet.

Once it has been flushed a veterinarian approved sanitizing solution mixed with water cleans out the bowl for germs . While this process is going on the genie hand scrubs and sanitizes the bowl to remove any residual waste and cleans it completely.

After the cleaning when the granules are wet, it then turns on the blower which blow dries the granules for use. With this whole process they want to make sure you will never touch cat litter, or wash the bowl ever again.

To set up you will have to attach the t-adapter that it comes with to a cold water tap, then you screw the catgenie water hose and put the second end of it in the toilet.

Our Cat Genie Review

cat genie litter box

The litter box comes in a good packaging and is easy to remove. The box itself looks very sturdy and made of good materials.

In the box, you receive the main litter box, the bowl , the sanitizer cartridge and washable granules.

If you are worried about the setup, it is very easy it is just four components that you have to put together, there are no screws or anything you just put them together and it fits perfectly fine.


  • Truly is self washing and self cleaning, and doesn’t require too much of efforts.
  • Sturdy design.
  • Very easy to setup, anybody can set it up right out of the box.
  • If you live in apartments you can still use it, all you need is water supply and toilet.
  • The granules feel like cat litter.
  • No litter, scoops or clumps to touch.
  • It produces no dust, odor and is completely fine for your cats.
  • Automatically sanitizes the litter bowl to keep it clean.
  • Perfect for households that can’t maintain litter box.


  • Priced at $223, it is costly for many to pay for a litter box.
  • Since it is to be attached, it cannot be moved so easily around the house.
  • Automatic rotors do make a lot of noise.
  • Some additional side covers maybe required to avoid any splashes.


There are 2 modes that you can activate this litter box on. First one Cat Start, flushes and cleans the litter box after 10 mins when your cats have used it. Using its special eye sensors it notices when the cat has left the litter box. After 10 minutes it starts the process of cleaning the box.

There are 2 modes under cat start, where there is active mode which will clean the box as it is suppose to after 10 minutes like usual. The other sleep mode the box does not clean at all, and it is to avoid the motor box noises so you can sleep at night.

You obviously can initiate a manual clean for the box even in sleep mode.

The second option, Auto Start. This setting is designed for households with multiple cats as you can decide how many times to clean during the day. In this mode the box won’t start even after a cat has used , it will instead run every 3,4,5,6 hours depending on the setting you have selected.

It will be a good idea to note your cats timings and then set it up accordingly.

Manual start is the third way where you initiate the cleaning process just at the process of the button.

If this box is not something that you want you can go back to our cat litter boxes review page to look for another one.


cat genie review

Just like any new litter box, cats can take time getting used to the box. Don’t be alarmed by this, give your cat time to get accustomed to this automated litter box .

You will love this litter box, as it truly maintains itself and if you hate messing around with litter and scoops and poops , or in your household you cannot maintain the litter box on regular basis . The Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box will be perfect for your household.

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