Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box Review

One of the most famous cat litter box on the internet, and is also one of the best selling. It is the perfect mix of cheap and automated system of getting rid of the poo.

We thought we will dig a little deeper and find out how good and reliable it is, so we can give you the most thorough review.

Omega Paw Self-cleaning Litter Box

When we talk about automated cat litter boxes they are actually automated with a machine and motor. This does not have that, what it has is a clever design that helps keep the litter box clean and collect the poo at the same time.

This is basically how it works.

omega paw roll n clean litter box

It does require some effort and which is why I cannot consider it fully automated but semi automated.

What does Omega Paw Roll n Clean do well?

Its design works well in normal conditions and with minimal effort and maintenance. Using the right clumping cat litter with this litter box can last you for years. Also remember there are many different types of boxes available in the market and you can find all the litter boxes here.

It consists of a pullout tray, in which the cat poo gets collected for easy disposable while maintaining not spoiled cat litter intact.

Since it is so easy to maintain and spacious, it is ideal for big cats and households with multiple cats.

Also if your cat likes enclosed space to do its business, your cat will love it for its covered space.

You will love it for the fact that it helps control odor, and that it is easy to clean and maintain.


omega paw self-cleaning litter box

  • They have priced it really well for its semi automated method and the entire structure. For under $30 it was also our number one choice for one of the top litter boxes.
  • Since it is semi automated it does not require any electricity or makes those humming loud motor noise that we all hate so much. You save on your electricity bill and get the peace of mind.
  • Its covered structure keeps the odor under control but remember you need good clumping clay to keep odor control all the time.
  • The waste collecting scoop is the best part as you can just collect the poo and put it way in under 2 seconds and be happy with it.
  • Due to its size it is ideal for big cats or for houses with multiple cats.


  • Due to constant rotating of the box, some of the plastic can start to chip away.
  • Also you might have to bang a couple of times on the back of the box to get the litter to fall into the scoop.


Apart from some plastic chipping away we thought of this product to be perfect for our household and has been working very well with our cats too.

It is right under the budget and with a combination of good clumping cat litter , this box will turn to be the perfect little bathroom for your cat.

Checkout Omega Paw Roll n Clean on Amazon here