Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat Review

In this review we will be talking about Petlinks Purr-Fect paws litter mat. If you are looking for something that is in budget and is very simple while it does the job well?

Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter

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It is 23.3 x 15 x 0.3 inches and 1.5 poundsĀ  in weight. If you have a big litter box or a box that litter spreads from the sides then you will need a much bigger mat . This litter mat is perfect for the front entry of the box and captures the litter from there.

You can ofcourse get the large size if you want.

It is light as it is just 1.5 pounds but sticks on the floor well that is great as it helps avoid unnecessary scattering of litter.

Litter Capturing Power

It captures litter very well and its design help return the litter back to the box for re using. The mat is designed with unique textures and dips that capture the litter falling of from your cat ( paws and fur ) while exiting the litter box.

Once the cat has moved on, you can just take the mat and throw the collected litter back into the box.


It is made with safe for cats silicone material. Which is a non toxic material . It feels a little rubbery in hand but is soft and feels good on the paws of the cat.

Amazon Users Review

Almost 90% of amazon users have loved Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat and for a good reason to do so too. It is cheap and captures the litter very well. It is perfect for households with multiple cats and you are able to reuse the litter, thus helping you save a lot of money.

Users also love the fact that since it is made with silicone, it is easier to clean with just warm water. Thats no hassle and clean mat everytime very easily.

Also grey is just a good color for home decor as it goes with all type of furniture and box.

One of the user complained about the packaging but we did not find that too be the issue. They complained that the cardboard sleep does not open and there is not enough place to put the scissor in and cut it.

Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat user

We did not find this to be a issue for us, it was no issue to get it open and start using it.


Are you looking for a good mat, which is cheap and have good reviews by users from all across the world? Go for Petlinks Purr-Fect Paws Cat Litter Mat . It is easy to clean , collects litter well and is cheap.