Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Complete Review!

Blackhole Litter Mat









  • Captures litter well
  • Easy to clean
  • Saves litter


  • Can tear up
  • Bit high priced

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat is one of the most famous cat litter mats on Amazon, and we knew we had to review it.

What they claim is that its unique 2 mats systems collects litter in the best way and keeps the house clean. Lets find out.

Everything about Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Black hole litter mat is created and sold by a company called Moonshuttle and is sold on Amazon. It comes in dark grey color which helps since dark grey sort of matches with the furniture and all the types of litter boxes. It is made up of soft EVA material. If you don’t know what EVA material is here is a good link to understand .

It is designed in a dual structure format, there are two mats underneath each other. The main mat ( Upper Mat ) is designed to feel soft on the paws and to provide comfort for the cat and collects the litter on the very first step to be deposited on the underneath mat. The lower mat stores all the litter for easy cleaning.

EVA material is non toxic, and soft. It feels soft to the cats and is not dangerous to them on a toxic level.

They suggest to clean Blackhole litter mat atleast once in 3 months from tap water and to dry it sun, but we found that a good easy clean once a month is necessary for any type of mat.

At just 2 lbs it is light weight, so it is easy to clean and carry around.

Best Things About The Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

  • Easy To Clean – If your cat ever throws up on the mats you can easily clean, don’t be alarmed about the 2 mats as just putting it under the tap water cleans it quite well and does not give any trouble at all.
  • Works Well With Litter Boxes – It works well underneath a lot of boxes, and its holes are big enough to collect any type of litter that falls onto it.
  • Cats Don’t scratch on it. – A lot of cat mats get destroyed simply cause cats scratch on it everytime they use it. Black hole cat litter mat prevents that since the surface does not feel scratchy cats don’t scratch on it.
  • The rubber doesn’t heat up. – If you are thinking in the heated areas the mat will heat up, that doesn’t happen. It remains completely fine and cool for the cats to use.

Litter Capturing

logic behind black hole cat litter mat

We had our doubts when using this mat, it is two mats and we thought it will be a hassle considering how much cats like to spread the litter and how well this will perform.

We were surprised when using this product considering how well it captured the litter and not only that it also collected it well so we could clean it easily and reuse the clean litter. Remember a mat can only do as much as a good litter box can do.

The lower mat works well in storing the litter and if you want to reuse the litter again and again you can. But if you don’t want to do that and want to just clean it after a month or 3 months ( recommended ) then you can do that too.

As the lower mat collects and keeps the litter while keeping the upper layer clean you don’t have to clean it daily. It is great for households that have cats who like to litter a lot.

Amazon on Blackhole Litter Mat

blackhole litter mat

Most of the reviews on amazon gave it 5 stars as it does exactly what is advertised. It collects litter well and cleans up really well.

Many have loved the smart design and are really enjoying how well it works. People have switched from other mats and do not regret there decision.


We loved the blackhole cat litter mat and it is perfect for houses with cats who passionately like to spread the litter. it is easy to clean and works very well with its design. The whole mat is very easy to clean and can last you for a long time. You will love it. Check it out on Amazon here