Boxiecat Premium Clumping Clay Cat Litter Review

Talk about a award winning cat litter and boxiecat premium clumping cat litter will have to be the one that comes to mind.


Created by boxiecat, this clay litter is the winner of cat fancy 2012 editors choice award as best product
of the year.

What Boxiecat claim’s?

It is 99.9% dust free with there award winning formula. Unscented formula that masks the odor without
any chemical or scent involvement. Longer lasting if you have one big cat for one month.


Many who have tried this cat litter have been amazed by the fact that how much high quality it is. It
clumps very easily and is really easy to scoop. If put it up with some awesome automatic litter box it will work great.

Also since it is chemical and scent free, it is way better for the cat for its health and to do its business in.
Nobody wants to poo in a room full of unwanted smell. Good for the owner because it covers the odor
without any harm to the cat. Win Win.

Boxiecat comes in a 100% recyclable bag, with zip open that you can use again and again and is
completely green. It is also flushable cat litter so you can dispose it off easily.

It is made of all natural premium clay and contains no fragneces , dyes or bleach.
It works even better in automatic cat litter boxes and is the premium choice for many to use it with the
automatic litter box.

It has gained raving reviews on amazon and everybody is loving its dust free and all natural factor of this
premium clay.


Many have complained about the pricing as it is above $15 and can be considered expensive by many.
So if you are looking for something in lower value this might not be it for you.

Some have also complained that urine tends to leak out sometime and doesn’t clump well. While this
was a complaint by very small number of people you can try it and decide for yourself.


Many have jumped from worlds best cat litter to boxiecat because of how well it works with cats and
feels so good to them.

Its unique clumping benefits and its 100% natural properties make it perfect cat litter to have and use.
If you don’t mind the cost and are looking for something good and valuable for cat then this is the
product to go.

Checkout Boxiecat on Amazon Here