5 Ways Of Disposing Cat Litter (Easily!)

Cat litter has a very unpleasant smell and disposal is one of the effective ways of ensure the house is free from the smell. The method of disposal highly depends on the type of litter that you use in your litter box. You will need a scoop to scoop out the clumped bits of litter, plastic bags to put in the clumped litter and a surgical mask to prevent one from inhaling the litter particles.

Scooping in plastic bags.


It may not be the most hygienic method of disposal but it gets the litter out of your house and it’s not complicated. The litter is scooped in plastic bags and thrown out if one does not own a litter cabinet. Storing litter in the house will only generate an unpleasant smell and is unhygienic. This method is mostly efficient for clumping litter like clay as it is easy to scoop. It is important to watch out for small particles as inhaling them could lead to respiratory problems. Ensure you clean the scooper immediately after you are done. Precious cat has made into 2 of our lists for best clumping cat litter and best cheap clumping cat litter.

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Flushing down the toilet.


This method of disposal is not suitable for all kinds of litter. The litter flushed down should be flushable so ensure you check the litter bag before flushing to prevent your toilet from clogging. You should also flush a little at a time to prevent plumbing problems. Litter made of wheat and corn is flushable, as it does not clump and is not absorbent. You should however check for scattered particles. Silica and clay litter should not be flushed down the toilet as they are highly absorbent and will clog the septic system. You can try out Swheat cat litter as it is the best we found when it comes to flushable natural wheat cat litter.




Some types of cat litter like wheat are biodegradable and can be use especially around the garden. The smell of cat excrement will also prevent animals from feeding on your plants. Cat litter decomposes and can be used as manure. This method is mostly effective for people with a garden patch.

Throwing it in the trash.


This is by far the easiest method of litter disposal. You just throw the litter in the trash along with gabbage.it is however not recommended when the trash can is inside the house as it may generate an unpleasant smell if it stays for more than a day. It is also recommended that you check whether the local government allows this as some towns have disposal requirements.

Using poop collection services.

Some towns have poop collection services, so instead of you disposing your own litter, they do it for you. It may however be pricey.

Cat litter can also be buried in the back yard. The holes dug should not be too shallow that the litter could be carried away by rain water neither should it be too deep.

When disposing cat litter, high levels of hygiene should be observed and one should watch out for scattered and fine litter particles. Ensure the disposal method used complies with the law and is suitable for the specific cat litter you use.


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