Our Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter Review

Upon use of this product we found that your cat will be able to smell Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat litter from miles away. We talk about its smell, texture and other factors in our review below.

Everything on Arm & Hammer Double Duty Cat Litter


It is sold by Arm & Hammer and sell variety of cat litters online.  It is designed to eliminate the odor of the feces and the urine.

Some of the features of the product are :-

  • Contains moisture activated baking soda crystals, added with smell neutralizers to contain the smell of urine and feces.
  • Clumps well for easy removal.
  • 99.9% Dust free.
  • Contains added scent to keep the box smelling fresh.


A good cat litter should be a cat litter with no outside smell but should eliminate the smell of the feces. What Arm & Hammer double duty does well is it eliminates the smell of feces and urine but there is a product smell. The normal smell is very strong.

Our cats can smell a lot more than what we do , and when I couldn’t handle the smell, I only wonder how much the smell must be bothering my cat.

Here is the funny part, I thought it would bother her, but it didn’t. She enjoyed it and didn’t mind the smell at all.  I was happy, since it did the work perfectly for me, and my cat loved it.

Its a very annoying fresh laundry kind of scent, which if you are me you might get irritated by. Many of you won’t , but I did. If smell is a huge issue for you then you might want to check out our other cat litter reviews.

I did goto Amazon to check what others thought of it, and it was just what I expected. Some users and there cats did not like the product at all whereas many loved it and so did there cats.

Absorbing Power

It absorbs very well, It clumps and to be honest I was surprised how well it absorbed.  Even many times if I would spill oil on the floor, I would sprinkle it on top of it and just scrape of it for super easy cleaning.

It is easy to pickup, but I will suggest getting a good scoop that does not break the clumps for the easiest cleaning process ever.

Household Experience


We absolutely loved this product, it freshened up the house and eliminated the odor completely. If you came to my house now you would not believe that I have cats, it smells so fresh.


This litter is great if you have a cat who needs a fresh scented area to do its business every time.  It clumps really well and controls odor to the maximum.

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