Iris open top litter box with shield Review

Iris litter box in one of the most basic and sufficient litter pan out there. It gets the job done, its cheap and doesn’t create a huge mess. Iris is designed to contain the mess that your cat creates while using a cat litter box.


Iris high shield comes with removable top litter shield which protects from spreading of dust and contains the clay and helps avoid spillage and dirt. Due to removability of top shield it is easier to clean and the side back shields help contain any dirt and litter.

The boxes reaches the height of 5.75inches with the shield on.

Know All About Iris Litter Box

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  • It is also ideal for big cats as it is a full size cat box and cats can fit perfectly in it and have enough room.
  • Note if you have a cat that is used to getting in from the top then it will be a bad product for you. Since there is no hard substance other than the plastic , when the cat jumps on the top it will wobble and create a huge mess.
  • If you have cats that enter from the front then this product will be perfect for you. Also if you are one of those people who just want to buy something cheap to rotate often I think you will be very happy with this product.
  • Now we have outlined all that you need to know about iris high shield litter pan , below is what we found when users from all across the world told about it.


  • It currently only comes in navy blue colour and the dimensions of the product can be found above in the chart.
  • Upon use one thing was very clear that it is good for a household with one cat.
  • Since it is a manual litter pan you will have to clean it everyday and even multiple times a day.

What Amazon Users Say?

Many users have reviewed the product saying they like it and some have said they love it. Ofcourse since the top gave dust cover and provided enough space for the cat to do its business everyone was happy.
The specially love the fact that it is in budget and does very good job in containing the dust while still giving a more open environment to the cat.

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Some problems that we found.

There are no hooks clipping the top shield with the box. Ideally there should be a hook keeping both the parts attached and holding them together in one place but there isn’t one. The only thing holding them together is gravity and if its pushed it can come off easily.

Also the floor of the pan is not flat all around and slightly tinted on the edges which distributes the litter and makes scooping a bit harder.

Get the iris open top litter box with shield if you are looking for something that is cheap and efficient.

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