Modko Flip Top Litter Box Review

A cats owner’s number one problem is spreading of litter by cat and to add to it cleaning of boxes can be really messy. To solve this problem Modko came up with flip top litter box.

Everything About Modko Litter Box

modko litter box

What is it?

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Modko flip top litter box was designed in a minimalistic manner that looks good in the house, works well with cats and is easier to clean for the owners.

The modko flip top litter box has three stages where the main entry point is in the front, the first part of the flip and the second flip.

The main entry point is designed in the front, to help the cat getting in the box easily while making sure there are no extra gaps for any litter to spill out.



Ease of use

When you need to scoop the litter, you just have to open the first part of the flip without messing around the whole box. Many other boxes require you to lift the whole thing up and then scoop it up. But with Modko, all you have to do is flip it open you can easily scoop the poo out.

Once you have completed the use of the litter in the box and need to change it. You just have it open both the flip parts on top and the whole box will be open and you can easily remove the liner from the box without and spreading of the dirt.

The tops are held together by magnets and give a very good feel to the whole box.

There is a scoop holder on the side you can have the scoop with the box all the time. There are many different types of litter boxes so for you to like something, you also have to think that it will be practical. It is quite practical as it comes equipped with all the tools.

The main goal for them was to avoid the whole hood and liner situation which causes leaks and is sort of ugly that way. This box solves that problem by providing the top flips so there is no leaks and can easily be cleaned and used by the cats.

Some users on amazon have claimed that it is the easiest, you can ModKat Litter Box - Whitecheck it out here.

The Liners


The modko flip top litter box also comes with 2 recyclable liners that fit perfectly in the box but also have markings that let you know how much you need to fill according to your household. They call it the fill indicator.

According to me it was nice simple touch that helped us understand exactly how much of litter we will need. Knowing how much we need to pour in the box it helped us save litter from wastage. You can learn more about cat litter boxes from our guide on how to find best cat litter box or check out our other manual cat litter box reviews.

After some use we also learnt that are water proof and are scratch resistant which was great because our cats were loving it and were having no trouble using it again and again.

Once you are done with it all you have to do is fold it up and throw it away.

After daily use each liner lasted us about a month if you keep them clean and they worked great if you want you can also order more liners on the modko website.

Modko flip top litter box is perfect for house which has 2-3 cats. It has enough space for 1 large cat too. Its big enough.

It is a good cat litter box if you are looking for something that’s designer and don’t mind the price tag.

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