Everything About How You Can Take Care of Your Cat’s Litter Problems

Hi there, I am Alex and thanks for coming to my website heartministryga.org. I created this website to help all the new cat owners who don’t know how to take care of there cats and there biggest problem is with litter, cat litter boxes and other litter stuff.


Whether you are a brand new cat owner, or a seasoned one looking for new products for your cats or are just confused with wide variety of cat litter products available online. I have made it my goal to help you solve that problem for you.

Choosing a litter product for your cat can be a difficult and expensive task. Your cat is different from other cats, and one same product for all your cats will not work well. Along with that you are also worried about your house and the stinks of cats urine as it can be a strong smell.

For all the reasons above it is always a good idea to research on the topic about cat litter and how you can create a happy home for your cat while maintaining a happy home for yourself.

Throughout this website, there are many reviews of products in different litter categories you can find to help you make the right decision.

New Cat Owners

Since my main goal is to help new cat owners , and I don’t want them making any wrong choices I have also created guides on selecting best litter boxes, best litter and best litter mats for your house.

Right now I have posted a guide on selecting and the best cat litter boxes available in the market. It analyses and divides the best litter boxes in two type of boxes, such as automatic litter box and manual litter box. I then talk about those litter boxes and how they will fit nicely in your house.

I feel, it will help select a good litter box for new owners and something new for seasoned cat owners to learn about.

I have created an entire series on “How to guides” you can find below.

Guide on selecting the best cat litter box.

Choosing the right litter box is very necessary for your house, since when choosing not to the cat litter can be a pain to clean and the smell can stick to your carpets and curtains, making it unbearable.

Quick Links For You

If you are looking for litter boxes – You can find the automatic cat litter box reviews.

If you are looking for something simple and not machinery as your litter box, you can read about our manual litter boxes.

If you already have a good box but need something good to fill it with, read our cat litter reviews.

Does your cat scatter the litter when coming out of the box? Then you need a good litter mat for your house. Read our litter mat reviews.

When picking the litter.

When picking the litter you have to think about your cats too. A good litter and box can be a welcoming home for your cats, but make a wrong choice and you will find there poo all around the house.

This is our guide on selecting the best flushable clumping cat litter.

A good unscented cat litter is always a good choice, as cats can smell 8X times more than humans. Also a good flush able clumping cat litter can save you a lot of work and help you maintain peace of mind.

If the litter is unwelcoming to your cat, your cat will revolt by spreading the litter all around the house and it will not be a good sight to see.

We Are About.

Here at hearminitstryga.org you will find that I am passionate and always trying my best to help you find the best litter box possible, that fits perfectly for you. If its about you, your cat and its litter, It is on Heartministryga!