Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter Review

One of the top most selling amazon cat litter product. Along with raving reviews and people finding it the best all over the world, We had to find out why so many loved precious cat premium clumping cat litter and so we decided to do a review of it.

Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter Review


This amazing cat litter is sold by Precious cats along with there whole other range of products.  A household that has multiples cat usually need some kind of magic litter that doesn’t spread dust much. Let me tell you from example it is very hard to find.

If you are tired of the dust clouds and think there is no other solution to that problem , think again because it solves that problem and solves it well. At 99.9% dust free it leaves no dust residue of any kind.It is definitely one of the best clumping cat litter out there.

It comes in three different sizes, i.e 18 pound, 40 pound and 80 lb bags. Depending upon your house and cat you can determine which litter bag and how much of the litter will you need.

Some of the notable features of the litter is that it is hypo-allergenic. Which means for all those who suffer from severe allergies this will not cause them to become big.

It is all natural so you are helping the environment with this litter bag.  It clumps very well and makes it easy to scoop later on.


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  • When pouring we noticed little to no dust at all, an that was the most surprised experience for us.
  • It controlled the odor very well, and without any added scents that would cause annoyance to the cats.
  • It is great for problem cats or older cats.
  • Its good for young kittens to learn how to use litter box as its herbal scent attracts them to it.
  • Small pellets.
  • Hardens and clumps very nicely, and is easy to scoop it out.
  • Its priced perfectly when compared to other similar products.


  • It tracks a lot, so you can expect that.
  • The big bags can be hard to handle as the openings are not so convenient and it is a plastic bag.


precious cat ultra premium clumping cat litter bag

All in all, we understood why this cat litter is so popular on amazon. It works so well that you have to use it again and again.  Talking about the things that we loved about it, we will start with the fact that it produces almost to none dust. It is always to awesome find cat litters that can do that.

Next, the clumping power made cleaning up process very easy and fast for us. A lot of cat litter either become sand like or break easily. Precious Cat Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter clumped hard and impressed up by a lot.

Since it is also non scented, it did not create a big problem of smell for us but just because it is not scented does not mean it will not stop odors. Because it stops odor very well and surprised us too.

All in all you will love this product if you have a big house with a lot of cats.

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