Two Meows Kitty Litter Box Review

This green uniquely designed manual litter box, two meows kitty litter box is quite famous on amazon. With over 256 positive customer reviews we had to find out what is this box all about. Lets see what we find about two meows box.

Two meows kitty litter box

About Two Meows Kitty Litter Box

It is created by Two Meows company who have also created the two meows litter mat which specializes in catching litter.

The creators of Two Meows, Greg and Amy are experienced in the cat business with other products such as the cat litter mat also another bestseller on amazon. Using research and there personal experience, they decided to solve the problem of litter scattering. They made modification with the box so that the litter doesn’t leave the box at all.

Idea behind the box.

Traditional litter boxes don’t have any cover and are plain open boxes. So when the cat jumps out of the litter boxes it carries lot of litter with it. That litter gets scattered around the box when it flies out with the cat. 30-40% of litter that is stuck to the paw of the cat falls collects outside the litter box.

Scattering of litter has been a time old problem with litter boxes.

The idea behind two meows cat litter box is that when a cat jumps out of the litter box, it is still in the box and the litter that falls of the paw, falls through the 3 inch tilted grated area and goes back into the box.

This way the litter does not get wasted and does not scatter around the house. They call it TM-3 Litter Catching Smart Lid.

The Box

The smart design is truly unique and beautiful. The bright green box looks good in the house while maintaining the functionality of the box.

At first I did not think the box would function the way they had mentioned. It was such a simple thing, I thought if something so simple could work how come no one ever did it.  Yet as we put this box into work the effectiveness of the simple method that amy and greg brought with this box shocked us.

It was simple, looked nice and fit well into out budget AND IT CAUGHT THE LITTER WELL!

We decided to let the box stay for a while before we made any judgement call. After a week, our experience showed that the litter around the box was very little compared to what it was before.

So if you have a cat who carries a lot of litter with him when jumping out of the box, get the two meows cat litter box.

Amazon Users

At around 4 stars on amazon, and over 175 5-star reviews show that it is very well received by the users. Many have loved the fact that the box truly works well and collection of litter around the box.


Two Meows Kitty Litter Box is a perfect litter box for a house with big cats and kittens as it accommodate them well. To talk about its functionality, it works as well as described made with high quality material its going to last you a long time.

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