Two Meows Cat Litter Mat Review

Two meows cat litter mat is the most cutest litter mat I have ever seen. I am always skeptical of things when they look good, I feel they just don’t perform as good.  Sold by Two meows, let’s see if this cute cat litter mats works as efficiently as it is advertised.

Two Meows Cat Litter Mat

Everything About Two Meows Litter Mat

To start off about the mat, it is paw shaped and we love it. It is just such a unique design with the green color we would give this mat a 10/10 just for the design.

It is made of soft rubberized material and woven on the top fabric together. If you are to look into detail it is basically made up of vinyl and a rubber form.

For the understanding of the mat, you can think the lower part or the base is made up of rubber type material which is also soft to feel. And the top part ( top paw design area ) is made of woven fabric which feels soft on the paws of cat and collects litter.


It is designed to be easy to clean, and you can do it just by picking up the mat and all you have to is bend and shake it towards on the floor or into the box. Since it is light weight it is easier on this mat than some of the other heavy mats.

It is designed using a specific method that the company calls TM-7 litter catching system, this system allows the mat to catch the litter while brushing the paw and being soft too. It also works great with two meows litter box that also the same company creates.

Company claims that it is made of high durable material and say that while other mats might last you a year, this mat will last you a few years.

What I LovedTwo Meows


This mat is designed so well and yet so simple that I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The color with the fabric goes so well that when I placed it, it did not look like the eye sore the way other cat litter mats do. It didn’t feel too much out of place and looked perfect under the litter box.

Litter Catching

Since it is woven using there own design it feels soft on the paw and catches litter well. It is designed on the basic fact that when cat walks on it, the woven design captures the litter like a magnet and stores it well.

My Cat Loved It

My cat absolutely loved this mat, as soon as I placed it my cat started using it and even slept on it. That is a sign of a good mat.

Looks as Brand New as First Time

Even after 3 weeks of usage the litter mat looked as new as the first time I put it down. Usually mats start to show signs of usage after a few weeks, not heavily but you can always know that this mat has been used for a while. Even my cat used it heavily and yet the color did not fade and it stood the test of time. It stood well.

Things To Improve


I found that there claim to just shake off the litter was not true, maybe for me but I found I had to really wash the mat and I had to wash it with soap. Now this is for the mat when it got dirty and not just collected litter. It was easy to wash though and did not harm the mat and its color.

Kitty Love

My cat loved it, as I mentioned above but there was something else that was so shocking to me. Even though my cat approved of this mat pretty fast, same did not happen with my neighbor and his cat.

His cat did not love the mat at all and just ripped it apart. I felt bad for the guy as my cat loved it from the start. So like any cat product out there in the world, your cat might love it or not.

The thing to remember is the litter mat works well capturing litter and looks good while doing so.

Paw or Naw?

As you can read from my review I will have to give this mat a PAW-YES! If you are thinking, its just me and its my opinion why should you take it seriously? Then head over to amazon and see how many users have loved this product.

Literally, you won’t find many bad reviews but you will find people who loved this product and are using it all the time.

I read many reviews who after using it for the first time ordered more for their friends, neighbors, and family.

In the end, the Two Meows Cat Litter Mat worked amazingly well for me and I would most definitely suggest it to family, friends and you.


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