How To Take Care of The Litter Box

Your young son has fallen heads over heels for a kitten and no matter what you say, nothing seems to be swaying his mind. Your main worry is that you might not know how to maintain the litter box as this is the first feline to join the family. Taking care of the litter box goes hand in hand with taking care of your house, for with a dirty litter box comes a stinky house. Besides, a clean litter box will keep the kitten healthy and happy. Cat lovers will tell you there is nothing better than a happy cat. This are the ways you can take care of your cats litter box.


Daily cleaning.

This includes scooping clumps of urine and feces regularly using a scooper, so as to keep the litter box free of the stinky smell. In the situation that you have more than one cat, you should scoop several times a day and the scooper should be washed clean afterwards for hygiene purposes. You should also watch the level of the litter to ensure maximum comfort for the cat. Different cats have different preferences, so pay keen attention to what yours prefers best. Most cats prefer two inches though.

Replacing all the litter at least twice a week.

This is especially recommended if you use non clumping litter. If clumping litter is used, and the litter box is scooped every day, then you could replace it at least in two or three weeks. Litter should also be replaced as soon as it starts producing unpleasant smells or if it contains a lot of clumps.

After the litter is replaced, the box should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and detergents. Some detergents are not feline friendly in that they may contain strong smells or could be toxic to them, so ensure you read the labels for any such warnings.

Once the box is well cleaned, liners could be used to facilitate easy disposal of the litter, though it’s best to note that most cats dislike liners and end up shredding them.

Putting it in a conducive environment.

The litter box should be placed in a place that is less busy and where children cannot damage it. It should be placed in a quiet area to encourage the cat to use it and should also be well ventilated to reduce unpleasant smells. You could also consider placing it over a mat so that it may catch any litter that falls outside.

Looking for any problems the litter box may have.

You should observe how well your cat is using the box as it may fail to use it due to problems with the litterbox. The most common are usually dirty box, unsuitable location and dislike of the litter used. Once you figure out where the problem is, fix it according the cats wants.

Taking care of the litter box is an easy job, and though it may seem tiresome at first, with time you even get to enjoy. Take care of the litter box as you would wish your house to be taken care of.


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