4 Best Cat Litter Mats of 2024 Reviewed!

Cats are loveable, furry friends that their owners love to have around, and yet they can be messy when they use their litter box. This can be a nuisance for owners as the cats will track the litter throughout the house, making more work for the cat owner who has to constantly clean up after them.

A popular solution to this predicament is to purchase a mat to help prevent the tracking of litter throughout the house; here we take a look at what you want to consider when looking for a quality mat.

What to look for in Cat Litter Mats


Two questions you need to ask yourself before you consider the size of the mat are: where do you place your litter box and how many cats do you have living in your house?

The size of the mat is important because you need one that is big enough to not only cover the surrounding area around the litter box, but you also need one that fits into the unique spot of where you keep your litter box. If you have multiple cats, you might want to consider looking for an extra-large mat so that you can fit it under more than one box at a time.

The weight of the mat is important for two reasons; the first is you don’t want a mat that is so heavy and awkward to move that you have difficulty lifting it or conversely too light and it becomes flimsy when you want to pour or shake out the litter, which can result in a huge mess. You will also want to consider a solid mat that stays put and cannot be easily moved around by your cat and anyone who might have to walk on it.

If you keep your cat’s litter box out of the way, such as in a basement, the style of the mat may not be as important to you as is its performance. However, for others who live in a smaller home and must keep their cat’s box in a more pronounced place, where guests and the owner frequently view it, something with a bit of style and the right color may become more of a priority for you.

Although often the colors that are offered in mats are typically neutral, the difference between black and brown might be all that is needed to convince you of which mat you choose to purchase.

There are different materials out there claiming to prevent your kitty’s litter from being tracked from the box to all over your house. This is important to consider because not only will certain materials be easier to shake out, clean, or wipe down, but some materials will also be kinder to your cat’s paws and you won’t face the issue of kitty jumping over the mat because she doesn’t want her paws to touch it.

Some mats are made of materials that are non-toxic, which might be of greater importance for you, as well as some are more water-resistant than others which is important to those who have cats with bad aim when relieving themselves.

How much money are you wanting to spend on a mat for your cat’s litter box?  Many will be surprised that the cost of good quality mat will have them paying around $50 but know that anything less and you will likely have to replace the mat sooner than you would want, ultimately having to spend more in the long run.

Save yourself time and money, don’t go less than $30 on a mat or I guarantee you will have to replace it when it doesn’t meet your expectations.

Now that we know what to consider when looking for a mat, something both you and your cat will love, let us look at some product reviews of the five best cat litter box mats.

Top 4 Cat litter Mats Reviews

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – My No.1 Pick!

This mat offers more variety as it comes in three colors, dark grey, green, and beige. It is also a medium-sized mat of 30 by 23 inches and is 0.5 inches tall.

It is made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a non-toxic, foam rubber, and contains small honeycomb holes that pattern across the top part of the mat.

The soft top makes it nice for your cat’s paws and for you to walk on with your feet as the litter stays trapped beneath the holes of the upper portion of the mat. The mat can be emptied by folding it and pouring the loose litter back into the litter box.  To clean it you can rinse it off with water and let it air dry. It weighs less than 2 pounds but is heavy enough to prevent it from being moved around by your cat.

Generally, the three colors might be enough to persuade someone to buy this mat over another of similar promise. However, something to consider is that in comparison to the previous mat that has larger holes, the smaller holes might mean that if litter is clumped together it won’t fall through to the smaller holes. Non Toxic Jumbo Sized Cat Litter Mat – Extra Large Scatter Control Kitty Litter Mats for Cats Tracking Litter Out of Their Box – Soft to Paws

This is the largest mat of them all, 47 by 36 inches, which makes it capable of going under two litter boxes with room to spare.  Because of its size, this would not work for someone who keeps their litter box in a tight corner, say perhaps in a bathroom, but would be better for someone who has multiple cats and boxes.

This mat has the most variety in colors; black, beige, brown, grey and light grey. Since it is phthalate free it is not only safer for your cat, but also for you.

The interwoven grooves allow for the litter to fall through the channels and make it easier for someone to walk across the mat without worrying about stepping on loose litter.

The heaviest of all the mats, coming in at 5 pounds, this mat is not moving anywhere. It is water-resistant, and extra-thick so that it won’t tear.  The grooves of interwoven material make it soft for kitty’s paws helping make sure that your cat does not try and jump over the mat.

This is the only mat that has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked return policy. To clean it shake it off, vacuum, or rinse it with water. If you have a cat that tends to miss the box, the bottom layer of the mat is leak-proof, protecting the floors of your home.

In summary, this is the mat you would want for a large area or if you have multiple cats as you wouldn’t have to purchase more than one, which would save you some money. The fact that you can return it with no questions asked is a big bonus, if you change your mind and decide that it is not the mat for you.

The only thing that would really prevent you from giving this mat a try is its size which would not work for someone who keeps their cat’s box in a tiny place.

PetFusion ToughGrip Waterproof Cat Litter Mat with Inner Channels and Raised Outer Lip – My No.2 Pick!

This grey-colored mat is made of premium FDA Grade Silicone; therefore, the mat is considered waterproof, antibacterial, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic.

It is a larger-sized mat of 38 by 28 inches wide with an outer lip of 0.3 inches which makes it big enough to fit under one litter box, or pressed up directly against it, how the creator of the mat intended its use.  This is the only mat among the five, that has an outer, raised lip to help keep the litter on the mat.

The silicone mat can be cleaned in three different ways; with a broom, vacuum, or even wiped off with a wet sponge or cloth. The mat is also pliable and can be folded with the loose litter inside, then poured back into the box using the side spout. At just over 5 pounds the mat is heaviest of them all, which guarantees that it will not to be moved by the cat coming in and out of her box.  As there is no other material other than the silicone, if an accident happens it can easily be wiped off and no smell will be left behind.

Overall, this mat is the only one made of silicone, completely waterproof that also provides a lip to help prevent litter from escaping, the simplest design of them all.  The downfall of this mat is that if it is placed in a spot where a person has to step on it in order to get through the room, you will be stepping on the loose litter.

iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper with Urine and Odor Repellent Plastic Layer

This mat is medium-sized, 30 by 23 inches, and comes in two colors, black and brown. Compared to the two other honeycombed hole mats we will review further on, the holes on this mat are larger than its competitors. It has exclusive plastic film, which repels urine and odors.  It is a lighter mat as it comes in at about half a pound, but is still heavy enough to stay put. It pairs with puppy pads that can be slid in between the top part and the bottom pad, to help soak up any excessive urine.

The outer edge of the mat is made from nylon and therefore should not have contact with cat urine as it would soak it up. With its smooth surface, your cat will not have a problem walking on it in order to get to the box.

The material makes it pliable and so to clean it all you have to do is fold it and shake it off, then if further cleaning is needed, run it under water and hang it to air dry.  With its top layer that is covered in large, honeycomb-shaped holes, the litter falls through and if you decide to walk on the mat you won’t be stepping directly on the litter.

This mat is different from other similar mast in that it opens up at three of the edges and not just on one side.

Overall, the size is good as it will fit in most more places than a larger-sized mat; the ability to be able to walk on the mat if needed is a bonus to those who need to keep the mat somewhere where you will walk on it, and its ability to be opened up along three of its edges makes for easier cleaning.

The negatives are that it only comes in two colors, and you will have to be extra careful when dumping the loose litter that is trapped inside because it can fall out on multiple sides.

WooPet! Cat Litter Mat

This mat has less style choice of two colors, grey and beige, even more the jumbo size appears to only come in grey. It is the smallest mat of them all, at 24 by 22 inch and is meant to go in front of the box, not underneath.

This is the final of three mats that has the honeycomb holes on the top portion with a water-proof layer below. The bottom of mat is anti-slip and comes in under 1 pound allowing for it to stay put.

This mat also has a 100% customer satisfaction but with a limited time return policy. This is also made from durable EVA foam, which is soft for kitty’s paws and bare feet. To clean, poor out the loose litter, it can also be vacuumed and rinsed off with water, then hung to air dry. What is most unique about this mat is that it folds in half, for anyone who needs to travel with their cat and their box.

If travel and a smaller size are a priority for you, this is the mat you want. If you like the style but are looking for more choice in color and something larger, than one of the other honeycombed mats would better suit your needs.


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