Our cats are so cute, we just love them except for one thing . Cleaning out there poo poo and it can become a huge mess if you don’t take care of it . Don’t worry though we are here to help you understand the best cat litter box for your cat.

Its always better to choose the one that fit perfectly in your house and doesn’t create too much of a mess.

Before you decide on which one you want to buy know that there are 2 types of cat litter boxes available in the market you can decide from.

There are automatic and manual litter boxes.

If you don’t like cleaning out poo too much then you can go for Automatic cat litter box. We will review some automatic cat litter box below.

Automatic cat litter boxes are best for household as they do not require too much maintenance and direct contact with the poo.

They are a little expensive though.
If money is your issue and don’t mind the poo you can go for the manual cat litter box and set that up.

Manual cat litter box are cheap and easy to set up but require regular maintenance for example cleaning out the poo every time your cat does the business.

Along with the litter box you will need some other stuff like litter box mats, scoops and litter which we will review too.

Best Automatic cat litter box

They take out the most work out of maintaining cat litter box. There are a lot of choices available online but what works best with you and the cats has the most value.

We have searched all through out to help you find the perfect automatic cat litter box that can give you the most value for the money.

Automatic cat litter boxes are perfect choice for a household with multiple cats (It’s a good idea to have multiple boxes).

Cats can take some time getting used to the litter boxes. Even we would too if you were told to poop in a robot box.

Here is a table of the top automatic litter boxes that we have reviewed below.

 Omega Paw Self-CleaningPet Safe Simply Clean Continuous-CleanCatGenie Self Washing Self FlushingLitter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning
Size19.5 x 22 x 20 inches26 x 19 x 10 inches24.5 x 19.2 x 21 inches24 x 22 x 29 inches
Shipping Weight7.7 pounds13.6 pounds34.2 pounds29.2 pounds
For Multiple Catsgreentickjgreentickjgreentickjgreentickj
For Large Catsgreentickjgreentickjgreentickjgreentickj
Fully AutomaticnTBXxd5zcgreentickjgreentickjgreentickj
Amazon Stars4outof53outof5eandhalf4andhalf

1. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

If you are looking for something under $40 and is a best seller you have to go for omega paw self cleaning litter box.

Its simple design helps you collect the poo without any wastage of litter while giving that comforting space for your cat.

It does not feel like a robot to your cat because it is not. It’s a good litter box with a filter inside that collects the poo and collects it in one place for quick removal.

Once your cat is done doing its business all you have to do is tilt the box to its right and all the poo will get collected in a scoop which is attached to the box.

You simply pull out the scoop and throw away the contents in the trash.

Note. This litter box works best with clumping cat litter and a mat.

For Complete Review of Omega Paw Self Cleaning click here.

2. Pet Safe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean Litter Box


If you are looking for something even more automated then petsafe simply clean litter box is the perfect choice.

Its rotary design cleans the litter box every hour without startling the cats or making too much noise.

It costs about $94 and does not require any accessories other than clumping litter. Due to its small size you can fit it anywhere.

It also does not scatter the dust and litter which is great news if you are allergic to them. It’s easy to remove litter bin and you can also add the plastic to throw it away even cleaner.

3. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Going even more automated the catgenie self washing litter box removes any amount of work you need to do with the litter box.

Just set it up and it automatically cleans, flushes and keeps the litter box odorless and clean.
It does not use litter but granules ( which you get one free packet of ) to satisfy the needs of the cat to dig and cover the poo.

You basically connect the box with cold water pipe and fill it with granules. After which it automatically cleans it and flushes away the poo.

To flush the poo , there is a hose at the backside which you have to connect to a drain or open toilet.

Through which all the poo gets flushed.

At the price of $223 , It’s a great litter box to use and keep at home.

4. Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This litter box looks like a robot you might say. Well it is, sort of atleast. Its design was made for cats that love enclosed environment when doing their business .

Now keep in mind that this litter box costs around $370 dollars. So if you don’t have that kind of budget you can select one of the cheaper options above.

It uses a patented technology that sifts through the litter after use and cleans it. Then deposits the waste in large drawer and garbage bag.

It works without any wires or jams or fences which makes it very safe for the cat.

Why is it so expensive you ask?

Well, when your cat enters it the weight sensors get activated and they know the presence of the cat.After 7 minutes it starts a cleaning process which cleans out the dirt and keeps the clean litter. It deposits all the litter at the bay underneath.

With amazing reviews and this awesome technology, it truly is one of the best sellers on amazon.

Manual Litter Boxes

Manual litter boxes come in very different varieties. Since it does not have any rotors or machines they are silent and some are designed very well too. Depending on your requirement and budget you can choose from a large variety of manual boxes

Below we have listed some of the best manual litter box you can get.

 Iris open top litter pan with shield.Two meows kitty litter boxScoopFree Slide Easy Clean Manual Litter Box
Size18.9 x 15 x 11.7 inches19.5 x 14.2 x 8 inches27 x 18.5 x 9 inches
Weight2 pounds3.8 pounds17.6 pounds
For Multiple Catsgreentickjgreentickjgreentickj
For Large Catsgreentickjgreentickjgreentickj
Amazon Stars4outof54andhalf3outof5

1.Iris open top litter pan with shield.


Are you looking for something that’s cheap and is rated one of the best in manual litter box categories? Then you have to go for Iris open top litter pan with shield.

It comes with a sort of cover that covers it from the sides to stop spreading of litter and contain it inside the box. It is open on the top for easy cleaning with front entry for the cat.

It also comes with a scoop for use.

It is ideal for a house with one cat. You can use it with a large cat too but it will be a bit difficult for the cat.

Overall it is a great product for a household with one cat who are looking for something cheap and efficient.

2. Two meows kitty litter box


This litter box was designed for cats that like to spread the litter when jumping out of the box. Its unique grated area on the exit captures the litter that falls when cat jumps out of the box and contains it back in the box.

It is made of plastic through and through and comes with a removable hood. It is open on the top but closed on the sides.

It is great for households with cats that spread the litter when jumping. It is worth the value because it is sturdy and lasts a good amount of time.

3. ScoopFree Slide Easy Clean Manual Litter Box


Scoopfree is the perfect solution for someone who is not looking for the automatic litter box but don’t want to do the cleaning too.

Scoopfree slide easy clean litter box comes with a slide handle that has metal grids that collects the waste when sliding and collects the poo in the disposable tray for easy disposals. It is a open box that with plastic linings to avoid any types of leakage or spread of litter.
It also helps contain odor with its disposable tray.

You can check out this video to better understand how it works.

It is great for households where you just don’t want too much of hassle with litter box.

We have also reviewed a lot of other and these litter boxes along with mats, scoops and the litter.

Thanks for reading our best cat litter box reviews and for more you can just click here.