Best Cat Litter Box (Automatic And Self-Cleaning Selection)


Getting the right automatic cat litter box is important because let’s face it our cats are so cute, we just love them except for one thing . Cleaning out there poo poo and it can become a huge mess if you don’t take care of it but fear not because with recent new products available in the market they can automatically clean your cat’s litter box while you sleep .

Keep in mind that you will have to take care of it some way or the other but most of the time everything will be hands free so don’t worry though we are here to help you find to find the right one for your cat.

Keep in mind that we have given a quick selection of the four that we have selected and also have reviewed them in detail below for you to get a better understanding of it what you will be buying.

Best Cat Litter Boxes Available Today

They take out the most work out of maintaining it. There are a lot of choices available online but what works best with you and your buddies will differ, our pick will provide the most value.

We have searched all through out to help you find the perfect and the best that can give you the most value for the money.

They are a perfect choice for a household with multiple cats (It’s a good idea to have multiple).

Remember! Kittens can take some time getting used to the boxes. Even we would too if you were told to poop in a robot box.

1. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning litter box


Omega Paw self cleaning automatic cat litter boxOmega paw was designed to be a simple but a good automated box. There is no machinery involved and it is definitely one of the top boxes available in the market.

Inside the box there is a grill which collects the feces and keeps the clean litter in the box.

If you are looking for something under $30 and is a best seller you have to go for omega paw.

Even though it will require some part from your side such as turning and collecting the poop along with disposing it, omega takes the most hectic part of it at its price it is still the best one.


  • Its simple design helps you collect the poo without any wastage of litter while giving that comforting space for your feline. It collects the poo by separating the collection box inside with a grill.
  • When you turn it the feces gets collected in a small compartment which can then be easily removed and disposed of off
  • It does not feel like a robot to you or him because it is not. It’s  good  with a filter inside that collects the poo and collects it in one place for quick removal.


  • If you have large or multiple cats this is a perfect box, as it is huge and is cheap. So maintaining it in a household doesn’t become expensive with other expensive tasks such as electrical maintenance and electricity. It doesn’t require any electricity so you can keep it anywhere in the house like a normal one. Since it is closed Omega also controls the odors and dust produced by the litter, a usual problem with large open boxes.
  • The waste is collected in a pull out tray in one location which helps to avoid any unnecessary spread of it. It keeps the surrounding clean and clear of any issues.
  • Once your kitten is done doing its business all you have to do is tilt the box to its right and all the poo will get collected in a scoop which is attached to the box.
  • You simply pull out the scoop and throw away the contents in the trash.


Since it has an inbuilt filter which captures the feces, it is highly recommended that you use clumping litter with Omega.

While installing it remember not to put pressure on the latches as you could break them. Make sure the sides match each other and once they do they should automatically fall into place together.

Omega Paw Review

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Automatic Cat Litter Box Reviews for Self Cleaning

2. Pet Safe Simply Clean Continuous-Clean


The Petsafe simply clean box is an automated solution perfect for households. This is a complete automatic solution for your house.

It costs about $94 and does not require any accessories other than clumping litter. Due to its small size you can fit it anywhere.


  • This innovative product works by sifting through the dirt every hour in rotation and drags the feces in an upward motion and dropping it into the waste basket.
  • The waste basket which can be wrapped with any kind of plastic bag collects it and in one simple motion you can collect the plastic bag and throw it away.


  • Its rotary design cleans it every hour without startling them or making too much noise. This automated box works well if you are away from home a lot maybe you go to office in the morning leaving little buddies alone at home.
  • Pet Safe simply clean will keep itself clean all throughout the day for your cat to have peaceful time.
  • It is easy to setup and can be done quickly without any assistance at home. After setup all that has to be done is attach it to the power adapter and insert the litter to a certain limit.
  • Since it is self cleaning, It keeps the odor under control and also keeps the box bacteria free. It does not require any special bags and can be used with any kind of bags that you have lying around in the house such as shopping bags etc.
  • It automatically cleans every hour so for people who forget to clean the box on usual basis this is a perfect must have box for them.
  • It also does not scatter the dust and litter which is great news if you are allergic to them. It’s easy to remove bin and you can also add the plastic to throw it away even cleaner.


To achieve best results with petsafe you must use good clumping litter. As the box moves slow and collects the feces , good clumping litter will tighten up and make it easier when collected and stored to throwaway later on.

Box also works best when litter is maintained at a certain limit. Remember to refill the box if it falls below the marked line and also don’t overfill it as that can cause issues with the machine and break it down. Also another reason to not overfill is because overfilling it can cause spillage around the box when it rotates. When in rotation the inside tends to pile up and can fall out of the box if it is overfilled.

Also when installing make sure the box is fit properly otherwise it will not work even if it is connected to power. So after you connect it and it doesn’t work this is something you should check. Petsafe also is ideal for small to medium sized cats due to its size it is not ideal not for large ones. It also to be used with one feline preferably as said regarding its size.

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3. Cat Genie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box


4105HiaSH0L._SY300_Cat Genie self washing self flushing is one of the most innovative devices that you can get for your home. If you think about it, it is truly one of the first automatic cat litter box that came out.

The idea behind it to be completely like a functioning toilet. It is an innovative complete device which starts with collecting the feces to flushing it out without any human interaction. It also drys the unused litter so it can be used again and again without any problems. It is the best when it comes to controlling the odor as it automatically cleans everything and flushes the feces out of the system.

Going even more automated the catgenie self washing litter box removes any amount of work you need to do with it.


  • Just set it up and it automatically cleans, flushes and keeps the box odorless and clean. It is hooked to a water line and a water drainage system such as your toilet or if you have a plumber at call you can get it touched to your sewer system through many means.
  • It also uses reusable granules specifically designed for catgenie. These granules are washable which the machine does automatically or even you can wash it yourself. So added expense of buying litter can be avoided with this.
  • To be specific it works just like an human toilet. Once your cat finishes the business its automated system starts collecting the feces, once it is done collecting the feces it flushes it out through the pipes and into the toilet bowl. After flushing it then fills water into the bowl to clean the granules that it is filled with and then dries it out for fresh ready to go again.


  • It does not use conventional material but granules ( which you get one free packet of ) to satisfy the needs of the cat to dig and cover the poo. These granules are washable so they help keep it clean and odorfree.
  • You basically connect the device with cold water pipe and fill it with granules. After which it automatically cleans it and flushes away the poo. It is a simple and an automated solution for your home.
  • Build quality is solid and will last long if used correctly and without applying any outside force. It works as it is shown in the videos.
  • It is good for a household where it is empty for a long period of times as it takes care of itself and does not have to keep coming back to clear it.


It is a large box, so you will have to find good space to use it. Also since it has plumbing requirements, ideally you will have to place it in the bathroom.

If attachments are difficult for you to setup you will have to get a plumber to do the setup for you. It is also loud so keeping it away from the main rooms will be good.

It is an ideal device for someone who doesn’t want to scoop or dispose off the feces. It will not be ideal if you have more than 2 cats at your house.

You shouldn’t get this box if you don’t have enough space in your bathroom or laundry room or if you don’t want loud noises.

At the price of $223(keeps changing, check the latest price) , It’s a great box to use and keep at home.

Cat Genie Review

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4. Litter Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning

41kWFq2FGxL._SY300_This device looks like a robot you might say. Well it is, sort of atleast. Its design was made for kittens that love enclosed environment when doing their business .

Now keep in mind that this  costs around $370 dollars. So if you don’t have that kind of budget you can select one of the cheaper options above.

It uses a patented technology that sifts through the litter after use and cleans it. Then deposits the waste in large drawer and garbage bag.

It works without any wires or jams or fences which makes it very safe.

Why is it so expensive you ask?

Well, when your cat enters it the weight sensors get activated and they know the presence of them. After 7 minutes it starts a cleaning process which cleans out the dirt and keeps the clean litter. It deposits all the dirt at the bay underneath.

With amazing reviews and this awesome technology, it truly is one of the best sellers on amazon.

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To make it easier to clean them it is recommended that you use the best clumping cat litter available.

This was our list of the best  in automatic cat litter box category, but if you are looking for something simple and cheap check out below for our reviews  in manual category.

Information about Automatic Cat Litter Box

What is an automatic litter box?

These are the  boxes that at first glance look similar to yes, a human toilet, a huge bowl rounded shaped cat potty that contains the granules instead of the usual stuff with the back extending upright that doesn’t interfere with your cat’s private bathroom time.

I’m sure most felines would enjoy it’s comfort but might have to wonder if it’s actually for them since it looks like yours or mine.

Perhaps, my kitten would think my mummy is trying to appease me more or maybe wishes me to think more like a human.

What’s most important to take note of is that this type of  box is for people who might not have the time or are not well enough to clean a box daily.

This distinctively designed toilet like box can be a true appreciation for both owner and even the cat.

Set up a place where your cat will be comfortable ( cats get stressed too ) and yourself because once placed it is hard to move.

It contains dust free granules so I recommend it for cat’s who seem to have an allergic reaction to different types of litter.

I think that it’s appeal would be for younger kittens since it is a higher climb to get into and for a two feline household also.

Some automatic litter boxes resemble a carrier and have rounded square like openings for it to climb into. Larger breed cats I think would like a roomy potty for them to feel comfortable in.

Yes, without a doubt, he would simply adore a spacious relaxing feeling opposed to having to squeeze and maneuver into a smaller one.

They can take turns when having siblings and/or pals within their households! This will surely alleviate any worrying or possibility of bickering, biting and hissing by remaining cat courteous towards each other.

In short if you don’t like cleaning out poo too much then you can go for a mechanical one. We will review some below.

Automated ones are best for household as they do not require too much maintenance and direct contact with the poo.

Its always better to choose the one that fit perfectly in your house and doesn’t create too much of a mess.

The choices of poo station are growing addressing the needs of many owner’s, their tastes, lifestyles, homes, their busy schedules, careers and catering should also play a strong consideration in reaching a decision for their bathroom commode.

The experimenting can be very interesting, fun and imagine your pet’s feeling of having to try the advancing creations of new boxes. Maybe even a tad complicated from its point of view!

(We will explore how they might feel as we go along) Is it easier for them or better and easier for us, this is why it is also important to select a good one.

You can decide for yourself and most of all in considering your buddy’s approval of course!

We look for ways to improve and quickly get through our daily chore of cleaning them, so let’s go step by step (paw by paw in our there world) into providing you with a well-tailored summary to ease your pal into a new transition for each  adventure.

They are a little expensive though. If money is your issue and don’t mind the poo you can go for the manual and set that up.

This was our selection of best automatic litter box for your home that are value for money. Enjoy Their Magical extraordinary cat ways always!